Though it’s beautiful spring outside, Trishnali Neog narrates how Coronavirus lockdown has affected the lives of every person living in USA.


As much awaited Spring has come, Magnolia, Cherry Blossoms are blooming all around. But due to current pandemic situation we all are lockeddown within our houses, not able to go outside. As a result we are deprived of this beautiful spring time. Most of the time we keep staring  the flowers budding on the trees from our balcony and pray God to end this crisis. As  eveyone knows, Covid-19 is spreaded in all over the globe and USA is also hugely impacted, we have  been staying in lockdown from more then a month.

Now let me share my experience when Mayor has declared a state of emergency all over the state on 12th March and on the very next day National Emergency was declared by the President . When we learnt about the emergency, we immediately rushed to the Indian store to buy groceries and essential products, because availability of food products for longer time was unpredictable and no certainity of next supply of goods from India.When we reached the Indian store, we were surprised to see the crowd that was never seen before. There was no car parking available, no cart and even no space to stand in the store. As there was no certainity, when the lockdown would be over, people were trying to buy foods as much as possible to stock it for long time.

The empty shelves

Understanding the contingency, I immediately alerted some of my friends about the situation in the stores and suggested them to plan accordingly. It was a situation when stores would have got consumed in a single day. There was multiple queues in the store, some are for picking the products and some are heading to the billing counters and we didn’t understand where to start from. And more precisely, this situation wasn’t happening in Indian stores only, we came to know from other friends that same situation is happening in American grocery stores also like Walmart, Costco, Price Chopper etc.

After Indian store, we immedately rushed to Walmart but to our surprise, most of the shelves of essential products like flu medicine, eggs, milk, hand sanitizers, Liquid hand soap, Paper towel, toilet paper are almost empty. A time when everyone was panicked and uncertain about what’s coming next in the ensuing days.

After the Governor and the President’s announcement about lockdown, all the resturants, gyms, library and other public gathering places were temporarily shut down and people were informed to start maitaining social distancing to avoid human to human transfer of Corona Virus. The work places, Companies and offices were immediately closed and most of the companies have asked there employees to work from home through remote access if the nature of work permits.

Parks are closed

Now, the situation is even more worst. Uncertainties everywhere. Work from home is still being continued. Universities and schools are giving online classes. Social distancing and stay at home are being stricly followed by peoples. People goes out of their houses only in case of emergency.Outside home,  people are wearing mask and keeping hand sanitizer all the time and this is the only way to stay away from this deadly virus. We hope that after lockdown, things will return to normal and we will start living as we were doing before. And we wish Assamese new year will bring good news as we stand together to destroy this evil virus forever. Waiting for a postive time , stay at home ; stay healthy.

(Trishnali Neog, former Content Editor at ETV Bharat Assam, is a young journalist and writer. She is presently living in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. She is active with unique content in her YouTube Channel Luitor Pora Mississippi Loi. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/user/kakutrishna

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