Know the most important ingredient of success

A small, four letter word, but a decisive one in one’s journey of success. Dr. Gitanjali Devi elaborates it’s importance in our life.

Why on this earth only a few people become successful? What makes a man successful in his lifetime while many of his contemporaries keep struggling for survival? Where is the difference? If we seek to find the reason behind success, we get a small, simple four letter word i.e. Goal; this word might be apparently simple, but it’s influence in the field of success and achievement is so great. Those people who truly succeed in life have clear cut goals. To be specific they have written goals. They know the destination. They know where they are heading. And those who don’t succeed have no goals at all, forget about written goals.

Various studies have proved that 97 percent people of the world don’t have any written goal. Only 3 percent people have the written goals. Those 3 percent people who have written goals, are the successful people in our societies while others are not.

Once a group of highly achiever men got together in Chicago to talk about the experiences of their lives. All of them were millionaires. Each of them had started from zero many years before. But they were both humble and grateful like most successful people. As the discussion on the reason how they had managed to achieve so much in life started, the wisest man among them spoke up and said,” success is goals, and all else is commentary”. After a few minutes of silence, each of the others nodded and agreed.

World famous author, management trainer, international motivational speaker Brian Tracy who addresses more than 250,000 people worldwide each year and authored 50 books says in his another best selling book GOALS,” After countless talks on various themes, if I was given only five minutes to speak to you and I could convey only one thought that would help you to be more successful, I would tell you this:”Write down your goals, make plans to achieve them, and work on your plans every single day”. This advice, if you followed it, would be more help to you than almost anything else you could ever learn”. He further explains,”Many university graduates have told me that this simple concept has been more valuable to them than four years of study. This idea has changed my life and the lives of millions of other people”.

Our time and life are precious. Therefore we shouldn’t waste our time and life by spending years accomplishing something that we could achieve in only a few months time. By following certain proven process of goal setting and goal achieving we can accomplish vastly more in a shorter period of time than ever before. We can move quickly from rags to riches. It is proved over and over again, that a person of average intelligence with clear goals will run circles around a genius who is not sure what he or she really wants.

Till 1954, medical fraternity was of the opinion that no human can run one mile distance in under 4 minutes time. This was humanly impossible, according to the medical science of that time. Roger Bannister, a British athlete, dreamt an impossible deeam. He declared that he would run one mile distance in under 4 minutes time. People laughed at him. But, he was determined. He believed that he could achieve that fit, considered impossible even by the medical science. He worked hard, practiced hard. Ultimately, on 19th May,1954, Roger Bannister became the first man in human history to run one mile distance in under 4 minutes, covering the distance in 3:59:04 timing. Beholding him, other 35 athletes ran one mile distance in less than 4 minutes time in that year. Next year 200+. And as of now, more than 5000 runner had achieved that fit.

But how to set goals

Goal setting in a proper way, like Roger Banmister, can make impossible things possible. We can follow following 12 steps for goal setting.

  • To develop a burning desire.
  • To develop believe that I can achieve that.
  • To write down the goal.
  • To make a list of benefits after achieving the goal.
  • To analyze the starting point.
  • To set a deadline.
  • To make a list of challenges or obstacles.
  • To identify the information needed.
  • To make a list of people who may help in achieving the goal.
  • To make an action plan.
  • To use the visualization technique.
  • To never give up in any circumstances.

What is SMART?

In simple words, when we put date on our dream or desire it becomes a goal. And goals should be SMART (S = Specific, M= Measurable, A= Achievable, R= Realistic, T= Time bound). We can divide goals in three categories, viz. 1) short term, 2) mid term, & 3) long term.

Besides the above mentioned steps, we should also use some exercise like visualisation, affirmation, acting the role, feeding our mind with relevant or correct information and teachings, associating with right people as well as teaching others about these exercises.

Someone very rightly said. Life without goals is like a boat without oars. Though goals are so important, but due to lack of proper guidance or correct knowledge or laziness, we at times give up our goals and fall victim to the circumstances. We start talking, success is just luck. In reality there is nothing like ‘luck’. Luck is actually ‘Labour Under Correct Knowledge’. Majority of people suffers from fear in pursuing their dreams and goals. What other people will say,big they fail! But we must have firm believe on ourselves and ignore the negative people. We should surround ourselves with people who believe us and encourage us. The Bible says, ” Belief moves the mountains”. There are a lot of evidences in this world which teach us to believe in ourselves and to move on. Therefore, with firm believe and following the scientific process of goal setting and goal achieving, we can get the life we dreamt about.

(Dr. Gitanjali Devi, MA, B Ed, M Phil, PhD, is a teacher as well as an entrepreneur with flair for writing . She can be reached at

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