With numbers of novel coronavirus infected people increasing, Indians in Oman are coming together to support one another. A report


The Indians in Oman have come together to establish a COVID19 Help Desk to support one another in this time of crisis. With full co-operation from Indian Embassy, Muscat, a multi-lingual Muscat Seva Team is formed under this initiative. Indians living in the Gulf country can take assistance from this help desk in case of any emergency due to COVID-19 outbreak.

It may be mentioned here that the numbers of novel coronavirus infected people in the Sultanate of Oman are increasing. On Tuesday, Omani Health Ministry announced 86 new COVID-19 cases, taking the total numbers of infected people to 813. Till date 4 persons had lost their lifes because of this global epidemic in the country. 6 more patients have recovered from this virus infection, raising the numbers of total recovered patients to 130.

It may be noted that the Indians constitute almost 20 percent of total population of Oman. Indians are the largest expatriate community in the country. Accordingly, the COVID19 Help Desk is also constituted to facilitate people from different linguistic backgrounds. Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi etc. in different languages one can ask for support.

(With inputs from Philip Punnan)

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