Assam registers first COVID-19 death

One Faijul Hoque Barbhuyan, hailing from Hailakandi district of Assam, died due to the complications of COVID-19 infections, in the wee hours of Friday night. With the death of 65 years old Barbhuyan, Assam registered it’s first COVID-19 death. This was informed by the state Health Minister Dr. Himanata Biswa Sarma. The Minister tweeted at around 2.16 am, Friday night, to inform the death of Mr. Faijul Hoque Barbhuyan.

Dr. Sarma’s tweet

It may be mentioned here that yesterday afternoon Mr. Barbhuyan’s health conditioned deteriorate. Though his other health parameters were functioning normal, but his oxygen saturation was decreasing. He was immediately shifted to Silchar Medical College Hospital’s ICU. But, almost after 12 hours of shifting him to ICU, Minister Dr. Sarma informed about his death. He was the 28th case of COVID-19 in the state and also had Nizamuddin Markaj connection.

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